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Faded & Washed Traditional Rugs

Washed rugs have that stunning slightly aged appearance that gives them great amounts of character and warmth. This washed finish paired with the more traditional patterned rug has a beautiful look that is great if you’re wanting to create a vintage or rustic aesthetic in your home. These are trends that are really taking off at the moment so a traditional washed rug would be a great investment.

The look of a washed and faded rug gives you that well used look to your rug. Some might wonder why you would want a rug that looks older - this is due to the vintage and rustic trends that are huge in the interior design world right now. This makes a faded and washed rug the top of a lot of buyers lists since it can bring that slightly worn look that is great for these design themes.

The best thing about a washed and faded rug is that it will show signs of wear and tear far less over the years. Since it’s made to look slightly aged, when the rug itself does start to become a little older, the overall appearance of the rug won’t change much in the long-run. This gives you excellent value for money in terms of style.

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