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Distressed Traditional Rugs

Traditional rugs are known for their beautifully aged appearance. Their patterns and designs make them distinctive from other rugs and help to create that stunning aesthetic in your home for a more classic look. Distressed traditional rugs in particular emphasise that historical richness and are great for rustic designs.

Distressed traditional rugs give you that slightly more aged look. With vintage and rustic trends taking off, distressed traditional rugs are seeing a surge in popularity. The distressed look focuses on a slightly washed and used material to give the effect of the rug being years older than it is. Ultimately, this gives you a brand new rug that feels great, but gives you more character than rugs that don’t have a distressed look.

The best part of a distressed rug is the ability to take it with you if you move properties. It’s already-aged look is a design purpose rather than a sign of wear and tear. This means even when your rug does get older, it won’t start to appear worn down and that is its aesthetic intent already. If you’re trying to create a rustic home then a distressed traditional rug will help you get there.

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