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Yellow Traditional Rugs

Yellow is a striking colour that can help even the dullest of rooms come to life. It’s bold colour can offer a warmth and vibrancy needed to brighten rooms and this paired with the more classic look of a traditional rug gives a stunning combination. In particular, a gold traditional rug can offer that opulent Moroccan look so is ideal for homes looking to create these designs.

Traditional rugs are given their name thanks to their slightly old fashioned yet still beautiful patterns and designs. Their intricate look gives a stunning overall finishing look that works especially well when used with those cheerful yellows and golds. A traditional rug with a gold colour further emphasises that opulence and sophistication that a traditional rug can offer.

Yellow rugs work well with whites, greys and blacks so can be used in modern homes too. With vintage and rustic looks taking over the interiors world, the use of a traditional yellow rug will give you that perfect balance of old and new.

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