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White Traditional Rugs

White rugs are amazing at bringing in some light and sophistication to a room, in particular when used as part of a traditional design. A white rug offsets a floor nicely, especially if this is a dark wood or darker tile for example. However, they compliment a lighter floor too, bringing in those cooler tones. Traditional rugs that use white give you that same great look with a slightly more modern twist.

Traditional rugs are experiencing a huge surge in popularity recently thank to vintage and rustic trends taking off in the interiors world. The slightly dated look of a traditional rug is ideal for these design schemes giving you that slight aged appearance. This paired with a modern white colour is great for striking that balance.

White is often used as an intermediary colour on traditional rugs, helping to tie together patterns and designs. This affords you the opportunity to work with accent colours seamlessly within a room. If opting to a traditional rug that uses a lot of white, bear this in mind in the long-term in you have children or pets.

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