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Teal Traditional Rugs

Teal is a gorgeous colour. The combination of green and blue make for a rich, vivid colour that brings both warmth and class to a home. So why not take these great characteristics and apply them to a more traditional rug? The colours and patterns work perfectly together to give you a simply stunning finishing effect.

If a sophisticated home is what you’re looking for than a teal traditional rug is the perfect solution. Working with those slightly warmer toned colours opens up more colours palettes to work with in a room. Teal works harmoniously with whites, greys, blacks and even purples. This makes incorporating a traditional teal rug in to your home easy. It’s a good idea to plan where your rug will be used beforehand to get that professional layering of colours in your house.

Teal rugs also look great when matched with metallic accessories and furnishings. This, combined with the vintage and detailed patterns of a traditional rug, would look incredible when used as part of a vintage or shabby chic design theme.

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