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Grey Traditional Rugs

Grey has massively taken off in recent years thanks to its cool and neutral undertones that make it ideal for modern properties. However, traditional rugs that use grey also show these same qualities when paired with those stunning intricate patterns. Grey traditional rugs are true classics keeping your home in that perfect balance of modernity and timelessness.

Our collection of grey rugs range from those that are more traditional to some that are slightly more contemporary in appearance. Whichever shade you choose, grey is a great colour that can be incorporated easily into your existing home and designs. Similarly, a grey rug can be matched harmoniously with floors such as tiles or wood with ease. Whether that be a whitewashed wood or a black tile, grey is incredibly versatile.

With vintage and rustic homes becoming a homeowners' 'go to' when it comes to designing, a grey traditional rug is perfect. The combination of the authentic patterns and contemporary colours give these rugs a classic look that works nicely in any home. The main benefit of a grey traditional rug is that it doesn’t need to be the centre of attention unless you want it to be.

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