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Brown Traditional Rugs

Nothing gets more classic than a brown traditional rug. Brown rugs bring a great natural palette to the home and work beautifully with creams and whites. This, coupled with the detailed and beautiful designs of traditional rugs, gives you a stunning piece that fits perfectly into any room, in any home.

If you want to work with toned down colours then a brown rug is perfect. It won’t stand out or scream for attention, rather it will work to build sophisticated layers in your home without ever being garish. Brown rugs are also great for hiding those signs of wear and tear over the years. Their natural colours can mask the odd scuff or mark giving you incredibly longevity when compared to those lighter colours.

The design of a traditional rug gives you a slightly more classic look, but this is something that is incredibly on trend right now. With vintage and rustic looks sweeping homes up and down the nation, a brown traditional rug would be a fantastic addition to your home. Most traditional rugs work with cream as an accent colour which furthers that neutral palette.

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