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Blue Traditional Rugs

As far as traditional goes, blue might not be your first thought. However, blue rugs, especially lighter pastel blue, are actually incredibly traditional and can help you get a slightly more whimsical look in your home compared to those harsher, bolder colours. Alternatively, bolder blue rugs give you a traditional look with just a hint of modernity - perfect for contemporary homes that want a slightly sophisticated finish.

Blue rugs give you a colourful and bold look that can have either warm or cool undertones depending on your personal choice. This makes them incredibly versatile and can suit both modern and traditional styles with ease. Choosing a blue traditional rug will give you that genuine appearance with a slightly more colourful pop that will stand out.

Similarly, as blue is a slightly more unusual choice for a traditional rug, it will therefore act as a gorgeous focal piece in a room. This will allow you to work with a more calming colour palette when it comes to accessories for that toned down look that doesn’t sacrifice colour in favour of those modern whites and creams.

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