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Black Traditional Rugs

As a colour, black is a statement and dynamic colour that can bring a feeling of luxury into your home. Black might not be your most traditional colour, but it offers a sophisticated look like no other, bringing dimension and class to a room. Traditional black rugs give you a slightly vintage look with a modern twist so are great for any contemporary property.

Traditional rugs that incorporate black tend to use cream or beige as an accent colour to tone down the dramatic shade of the black. This colour combination makes it easy to incorporate into your home and allows you to work with a more neutral palette for accent colours.

The best part of a traditional rug is its stunning patterns and designs. With the vintage and rustic aesthetic becoming incredibly popular recently, traditional rugs are experiencing a surge of popularity as a result. Their slightly aged appearance looks beautiful in properties that look to achieve this design. Choosing a black rug also gives you plenty of practical benefits. Wear and tear or the odd stain are far less likely to show up over the years, meaning you will get that added bit of longevity out of your rug.

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