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Traditional Rugs

There is nothing more appealing than walking into a room and seeing a high quality traditional rug laid out on the floor. No matter how modern your house gets, a rug of this type brings character, opulence and pleasure to all who see it.

The Rug Mountain range of quality traditional rugs includes ranges from Kasbah, India, Persia and Morocco as well as hand knotted wool rugs from across Europe, to offer the best range of options possible.

Rugs to Suit Any Room in the Home:

When considering which traditional rug to choose, carefully assess the size of your room and where you want it to fit.

For a decadent option choose several traditional rugs in different sizes to overlay on your floor and provide outstanding effect.

Traditional Rugs from Persia will offer the opportunity to introduce geometric patterns and repetitive designs in to your room, while hand made traditional rugs from Turkey use more durable natural materials that are ideal for high traffic areas.

Select a half moon rug for the perfect fireside accessory or room filling rugs that will fill any size space.

For those on a budget, cheap traditional rugs will be machine woven, ensuring a consistent and regular pattern. Alternative, hand woven rugs will provide an element of originality, ensuring no two rugs are ever quite the same.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on Rug Mountain, contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss the opportunity to provide a made to measure rug uniquely for your living space.

See links to the most popular types of Traditional Rugs below:

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