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Round Shaggy Rugs

Considering the standard and most popular rug is either square or rectangular, a round rug definitely jumps out. Its softer and curved edges can help to tone down a room and bring back a slightly cosier and homely look. In particular, round rugs look great when placed under round dining or coffee tables as this helps to accentuate that shape further.

If you’re looking for a stunning feature piece in a room then a round rug is a sure-fire way of getting one. Round rugs are great in nearly any room but in particular in lounges and bedrooms. Large round rugs under furnitures such as sofas and beds leaves just enough rug on the sides to create a centre of attention to a room. Much the same as a spotlight. Just make sure if you do this to rotate your rug every few months to help evenly distribute the weight on the surface of the rug to avoid getting those irritating indention marks.

The ergonomically softer lines of a round rug can help those modern and contemporary aesthetics to feel more homely so are ideal if you feel your home as a slightly clean cut, sharp look about it. This paired with the iconically soft texture of a shaggy rug makes for an irresistible buy.

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