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Plain Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs are undeniably most peoples favourites. Their soft, plush feeling underfoot makes them ideal for bedrooms and lounges where you’re most likely to be found walking around barefoot. Not only do they feel incredible to the touch, they're also great at retaining heat and insulting your floor. This is great in those colder winter months when utility bills might be on your mind. Practical and beautiful, shaggy rugs are popular for a reason.

If block colour is what you want then a plain rug is perfect. Plain doesn’t mean boring, it is actually a great way of getting a sophisticated look in your home that works with minimalism and class. As well as this, the plain design focuses on the use of the colour of the rug, making working with accent colours and palettes much easier than with a patterned rug.

Any plain rug is stunning, but a plain shaggy rug is particularly beautiful. The texture of a shaggy rug is unparalleled offering you that plush and cosy feeling underfoot. But they don’t just look good, they are also excellent at retaining heat and insulating your floors too. Our plain shaggy rugs are available in the whole colour spectrum to make finding your dream rug easy!

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