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Floral Shaggy Rugs

If you’re wanting a rug with more design and interest, a floral rug is a great addition to your home. Focusing more on those soft lines and curves, floral rugs can help in making a room feel more relaxed and calm. Floral rugs can often come under fire for being seen as old fashioned or traditional, but most modern rugs incorporate more abstract designs and patterns that keep them feeling contemporary.

Floral rugs are perfect for lounges and bedrooms and they look particularly great when using shaggy material. Shaggy rugs earn their name thanks to the longer pile length of the material which gives them their fluffy and plush feeling underfoot. This makes them great at trapping heat and insulting your floor better.

The look of a floral rug paired with the shaggy texture makes for a truly soft and cosy rug that is ideal for bedrooms and lounges in particular. When using a shaggy rug remember to avoid placing too heavy furniture on top as this will cause long-term indentation to the surface of the rug. To avoid this, rotate your rug every few months to help evenly distribute the weight.

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