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Thick Shaggy Rugs

You can’t get much better than a thick shaggy rug. All shaggy rugs are thicker than your normal rug thanks to the longer pile length of the material. However, thick shaggy rugs give you that added bit of plushness that gives them extra comfort and texture. Thick shaggy rugs are great for bedrooms or living rooms where you want to create a more relaxed environment.

Thicker rugs are great at helping to insulate and trap heat come those winter months. This is especially true if you have a thick rug that is shaggy. Thanks to its great ability to trap heat this will mean you will be helping to cut down on your utility bills while getting that toasty feeling underfoot.

A thicker rug is also great for protecting your floors. If you have tiled or wood floors, these could benefit from a thicker rug that will help to protect it from any impacts caused by dropping things. Similarly the thicker rug will help to bring that comfort back to these harder floors to create a more homely environment. Using a thicker shaggy rug has plenty of benefits, but just make sure that if you’re using it underneath furniture to rotate it every few months to help prevent those annoying indentations occurring on the surface of the rug. Rotation will help to spread the weight distribution on the rug giving it a longer life.

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