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Small Shaggy Rugs

If you’re working with a smaller space then a smaller rug will be just what you need. Smaller spaces don’t need to be difficult to work with. With a few clever tips and tricks you can help these rooms to look and feel larger. Smaller rugs paired with that incredible texture of a shaggy rug helps to add depth and dimension to a room with ease.

Small rugs help smaller rooms by creating the illusion of a more proportionate sized room. If you use a large rug in a small room it can be detrimental by making the room look even smaller, as the floor spaced is dwarfed in comparison to the rug. This is why small rugs are so useful when it comes to interior design. They are also great if you have an open plan room. A small rug in a communal open plan area can help to refocus the separate areas in the room. Similarly, small rugs are great in children's playrooms where you may want to create a specific play space on the floor.

Just because the rug is smaller doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style and texture. Shaggy rugs earn their name due to the longer pile length of the material, giving it that thick, soft texture to the touch. Typically you wouldn’t use a small rug underneath furniture as the rug will likely get lost underneath it all. But if you do for whatever reason use a small shaggy rug under furniture, make sure you rotate the rug every few months to avoid causing indentations on that soft material.

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