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Living Room Shaggy Rugs

What better room to use a shaggy rug than your living room? The stunning texture of a shaggy rug gives you an unbeatably soft and cosy feeling underfoot. This is great for living rooms where you’re most likely to be walking around without shoes. No matter the colour or size, a shaggy rug in your living room will help to create that relaxed environment while keeping your feet feeling cosy.

Your living room is the place where you’re most likely to be found kicking back after a long day, so why not add that little bit of extra luxury with a shaggy rug? By now you’re probably aware of how incredible a shaggy rug feels, but its also highly practical too. The thicker the rug, the better it is at insulating your floor, meaning come winter, your floor will stay warmer for longer.

When using a shaggy rug in your living room it's important to note that if it will be underneath heavy furniture such as sofas or coffee tables, you need to rotate it every few months. Regularly rotating your rug will stop those irritating permanent indentations from occurring on the face of the rug. This will in turn increase the life of your rug nicely.

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