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Large Shaggy Rugs

If you’ve got a large floor space than it can sometimes be difficult to know how best to fill the blank space. Luckily, this is where large rugs come in to play. Their larger surface area can cover those bigger floors to bring you a cosy and warm feeling underfoot. In particular, choosing a large rug with a shaggy material is great for emphasising that stunning texture.

When choosing a large rug, make sure you have properly measured up your room. Nothing is worse than spending the money on a large rug to find that its either too big, or not big enough. Taking measurements before you start looking for rugs will also help in cutting down the browsing time and make it easier to find the your perfect one.

Since a large rug covers a much bigger space, the shaggy texture is emphasised, giving you more of that gorgeous texture. Since a larger rug will likely be placed under other furniture, make sure that you rotate your rug every few months to help evenly distribute the weight. This will help to stop those permanent indentations occurring on the fluffy surface of the rug.

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