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Hand Made Shaggy Rugs

Hand made rugs are the creme de la creme of shaggy rugs. The added bit of luxury comes from the fact that these rugs aren’t mass made by machines and are instead made by true professionals in their field. This often means that they will have a longer life than mass produced equivalents, so if you’re looking to invest in a rug for life, a hand made shaggy rug is a fantastic place to start.

Shaggy rugs are incredibly plush, giving you a gorgeously soft texture to the touch. This thicker material also makes it better than other rugs at insulating heat. When it comes to the winter therefore you’ll be able to tell a noticeable difference in terms of temperature on your floors. When using your shaggy rug in rooms like lounges, bedroom or dining rooms, remember to rotate your rug every few months to ensure that the surface of the rug doesn’t gain indentations from heavy furniture. This is especially important with a hand made shaggy rug since its added bit of quality needs a little extra care.

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