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White Shaggy Rugs

White is a great colour when you’re looking to open up a space since it is excellent at bouncing light in a room. White is great for acting as a black canvas in a room letting you work with other colours and designs easily. White is one of the most versatile colours and can be used as part of nearly any design in a room, giving you excellent value for money.

Homeowners can sometimes be put off by white rugs since they tend to stain and show up dirt far easier in comparison to other colours. However, white rugs offer you a stunning look that easily outweighs any doubts you may have. White rugs, as previously mentioned, are extremely versatile and can be paired with basically every colour harmoniously. That means that if you’re worried about a white rug offering too many cool tones, you can warm the room back up with those colours without the worry of the clashing with the rug.

Shaggy rugs are perfect for retaining heat thanks to their longer pile length. The thicker material helps to trap that warmth and better insulate your floor, great for winter. This also gives you that cosy and plush feeling underfoot on top of that great texture. With any shaggy rug, try to avoid walking over it with hardwearing shoes as this will wear down that soft feel over time. This is especially imperative with a white shaggy rug. It’s not surprising to learn that white stains easier, so avoid wearing any outdoor shoes on these rugs.

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