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Terracotta Shaggy Rugs

The perfect blend of warm orange and earthy brown undertones, terracotta offers you a distinctive look that is great for working with mediterranean or Moroccan interior designs. This fabulous colour paired with a shaggy rug gives you a seamless blend of colour an texture.

Terracotta rugs look particularly at home when matched with rustic designs. Its natural colour works harmoniously with accessories such as exposed and distressed woods, potted plants and woven furniture pieces. This over all mediterranean inspired look is massively trending at the moment so its great if you’re looking to create a more exotic atmosphere. Don’t be fooled; terracotta is incredibly versatile and can be used as part of modern homes too. Matching well with whites and greys, terracotta helps to bring contemporary homes back to a more homely atmosphere.

Shaggy rugs are great for home looking to add texture and warmth. The longer pile length gives you that added thickness that retains heat longer than its thinner counterparts. This is ideal for winter when you’ve got utility bills on your mind. Not only this, but the unbelievably soft feel of a shaggy rug gives a plush feeling underfoot. Try to avoid wearing shoes when stepping on your shaggy rug, as this will bring in dirt and dust as well as treading down that fluffiness. Similarly, avoid using heavy furniture on top of your shaggy rug for similar reasons. If you have to place it under heavy furniture, simply rotate your rug every few months to evenly distribute to weight over time. This will reduce those annoying indentation marks.

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