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Teal Shaggy Rugs

Teal is a stunning colour that combines blue and green perfectly to bring you a bold yet sophisticated colour. Teal looks phenomenal when paired with whites, grey and blacks for that iconic colour pairing. But teal also works well with purples and surprisingly some shades of yellow. This colour coupled with the stunning texture of a shaggy rug gives you a simply gorgeous rug.

Teal is a very luxurious colour bringing a calming and homely atmosphere to a home with a touch of sophistication. This makes teal a great choice for lounges or bedroom where you would be looking at creating a slightly more toned down atmosphere. Teal works beautifully with copper and other metallic accessories so is great for modern homes.

Shaggy rugs are great at trapping heat thanks to their longer pile length and therefore thicker material. This is perfect for winter in particular when you might be wanting to be keeping an eye on those utility bills. This thickness also makes them feel incredible underfoot with that plush, fluffy texture. Try to avoid using your shaggy rug underneath particularly heavy furniture. If you do, make sure you rotate your rug every few months to evenly distribute the weight across the surface of the rug to limit those annoying indentations.

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