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Red Shaggy Rugs

Red is a bold and dramatic colour but is also extremely luxurious and rich. This makes them incredibly versatile and would suit any aesthetic perfectly. This, paired with the thicker texture of a shaggy rug, gives you a statement piece that will surely draw the eye and allow you to work with sophisticated interior design schemes.

Shaggy rugs are great for bringing warmth to your home. Their thicker pile makes them fantastic for retaining heat and keeping your home feeling cosy in the winter. Also, their longer pile gives shaggy rugs a gorgeous texture that that lets you build those professional layers in a room. Red is a beautiful colour to opt for. Its warmth and elegance help rooms to look and feel more expensive, something to consider if you’re looking to sell on or are a property developer.

Shaggy rugs have a gorgeous feeling underfoot so would be best suited in bedrooms or lounges where you are most likely to walk without shoes to make the most of the feeling of these rugs. Choosing a shaggy rug in red will also show less dirt and wear and tear over the years, so is a fabulous long-term investment.

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