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Purple Shaggy Rugs

Purple is a bold colour that brings depth and luxury to a room. Rich in colour, a purple rug is a great statement piece to any room when looking to bring in some colour and sophistication to your home. When paired with a shaggy rug, the purple colour intensifies and brings in that gorgeous sense of texture too.

Purple is a great colour to choose for a rug. Its tone matches well with greys, whites and blacks perfectly to give you a stand out look. Purple is a strong colour that is great for using in lounges, bedrooms and even dining rooms. Its rich colour creates a calming atmosphere within a room so is great for both social spaces and relaxed rooms. If you don’t want your purple rug to be too intense, look for a rug that incorporates patterns to mix up the palettes a bit.

Purple rugs in particular look stunning when used as part of a shaggy material. The thicker fibres help to colour come to life even more giving you a perfect blend of colour and texture. Shaggy rugs are best suited to rooms where you’re less likely to be wearing shoes. This is because shaggy rugs are more easily able to trap dirt brought in on the bottom of your shoes. Also, the walking around with heavy footwear will wear down that plush, fluffy texture that the shaggy rug is made for. Instead, try to avoid waling on your shaggy rug with shoes and consider using these rugs in rooms like lounges or bedrooms. Similarly, try to avoid placing heavy furniture on your shaggy rug. If you do, simply remember to rotate your rug every few months to evenly distribute the weight on the surface of the rug and therefore stopping those annoying indentations from occurring.

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