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Pink Shaggy Rugs

If you’re after something that offers both style and warmth then a pink shaggy rug is perfect. The combination of this striking colour and the rich texture of the shaggy rug make for an ideal combination for both classic and whimsical looks.

Pink has earned itself a reputation as being a very feminine colour, which is great for children's bedrooms for example. However, pink is actually far more versatile than that. Lighter pinks give a a fairly youthful look whereas darker pinks give you a bold, rich berry colour that is great for sophisticated lounges, dining rooms or bedrooms. Pink also looks particularly great as a shaggy rug. The combination of colour and texture is seamless and gives you a soft and cosy look.

Shaggy rugs are ideal for keeping floors warmer as they trap heat better than thinner rugs. Great for winter, the shaggy rugs also offers you that comfy feeling underfoot. Try to avoid walking on your shaggy rug with hardwearing shoes and instead remove shoes before walking on the rug. Therefore this makes them best for use in rooms such as lounges or bedrooms where you are most likely to be walking around without shoes. Similarly, try to avoid placing your shaggy rug under particularly heavy furniture, as this will flatten that fluffy feel. To avoid this, try rotating your rug every couple of months to evenly distribute the weight across the rug.

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