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Orange Shaggy Rugs

Orange is a gorgeous colour that offers vibrancy and warmth to your home, helped along by the thicker and fluffier nature of the shaggy rug. The thicker material amplifies that stunning colour to give you a fabulously colourful and cosy rug.

Shaggy rugs are great for giving you that added bit of practical warmth. Their thicker material traps heat easier and will keep your rooms feeling better insulated. Not only does a shaggier rug give you a warmer feeling, it also brings texture and depth to your floor which is ideal for building those professional layers in your home. Shaggy rugs earn their name for the longer pile length of the material, which adds unbelievable amounts of warmth. It therefore also gives you that cushion like feeling underfoot making shaggy rugs ideal for lounges or bedrooms where you’re most likely to be walking around without shoes.

Orange is a particularly great choice thanks to its lively colour that can breathe life into any room in an instant. Working well with blacks, greys and whites, orange would work well in any modern home that works with these slightly minimalistic and contemporary colour palettes and designs.

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