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Multicoloured Shaggy Rugs

If colour is what you’re after, then a multicoloured shaggy rug is your answer. Multicoloured rugs bring a great amount of life to a room thanks to their energetic blend of colours. This can help to make a room feel more contemporary and they also act as stunning focal points in a room. Combined with the longer pile length of a shaggy rug, the multicolours have even more of a chance to stand out.

In terms of working with colours, multicoloured rugs give you the ultimate opportunity to work with accent designs in your home. Since every colour is present in a multicoloured rug it will compliment any accent colours beautifully, opening up your interior design choices massively. Multicoloured rugs looks stunning in lounges or dining rooms where you’re most likely to socialise with friends and family. But they also work wonderfully in children's bedrooms or playrooms thanks to the bold mix of fun colours.

Shaggy rugs are perfect for bringing warmth to home. The thicker material traps heat perfectly to better insulate a room in those colder months. Similarly, their thicker material makes them feel plush underfoot so are great for lounges or bedrooms where you’re most likely to walk without shoes.

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