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Grey Shaggy Rugs

Grey is a massively popular colour right now. Its adaptability has lent itself to a number of key trends recently including industrial and Scandinavian looks. Grey is a wonderfully neutral colour that can bring both style and modernity to your home. This combined with that shaggier texture makes for a truly classic look.

Lighter greys can help to open up spaces and make rooms feel larger without opting for a totally white colour. Its neutral and light tones make it ideal for incorporating into existing home decors meaning you wouldn’t have to restyle completely. Alternatively, darker greys that have warm undertones such as blues and purples are better suited to rooms that are already light and are instead trying to create a more homely atmosphere. Ultimately, the shade of grey you choose is dependent on your home, so properly browse and consider your options based on the size and natural light in your room first.

Choosing a shaggy rug in a grey colour is a particularly excellent choice. Combining that trendy, fresh colour with the soft, plush texture of a shaggy rug gives you a beautiful centre piece to a room. Shaggy rugs are great at retaining heat and will better insulate your floors come those colder months. Try to avoid walking on your rug with heavy foot wear, instead walk without shoes or barefoot to maintain that fluffy texture. This makes shaggy rugs best for lounges or bedroom for example. Similarly, try not to use your rug under heavy furniture. If you do, make sure to rotate your rug every few months to evenly distribute the weight and will prevent indentation occurring on the material.

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