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Green Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs are perfect for bringing in beautiful texture and depth to a room. Their longer pile length give them an incredible feel to the touch, adding luxury and class to your home. This paired with an earthy colour such as green gives you a stunning modern look that is perfect for any home.

Shaggy rugs looks great; their thicker material gives them great texture and adds depth to a room nicely. But they don’t just look great - they are extremely practical too! The longer pile length helps to retain warmth in a room, a crucial factor in those winter months. Similarly, this thicker material helps to bring back a more homely feel to harder floors such as tiles or woods.

The shaggy rug has a beautiful feeling underfoot and is therefore great in rooms like bedrooms or lounges where you’re more likely to be walking around without shoes. It’s actually important to try to avoid wearing shoes or using heavy furniture on shaggy rugs as this will wear down that gorgeous texture over time

Green is a beautifully natural colour that can bring life to any room. Paired well with whites, greys, blacks and even mustard yellows, green is a particularly versatile colour if you don’t want to opt for a standard beige or cream.

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