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Brown Shaggy Rugs

Brown is a great neutral colour that allows you to work with natural colour palette easily. Its earthy tones look incredible when paired with the longer pile length of a shaggy rug, making it ideal for lounges, dining rooms and bedrooms. Brown comes in many different shades ranging from a lighter taupe to a rich chocolate.

Brown is a great neutral colour to work with. It can be paired harmoniously with nearly any colour, making it incredibly adaptable to both new and existing designs in your home. Thanks to its colour, it is also less likely to show up signs of dirt and wear and tear over the years, therefore increasing the life of your rug. Brown rugs bring in that warmth to a room with just a hint of luxury.

If you choose a brown rug with a shaggy texture you wont be disappointed by its ability to retain heat. The thicker material traps heat for longer, giving you peace of mind when it comes to utility bills in those colder months. The plush, soft feeling of a shaggy rugs makes it better suited for rooms where you’re less likely to wear shoes. So bedrooms and lounges for example are ideal. Additionally, avoid using your shaggy rug under heavy furniture as this will inevitably create permanent indentations if the fabric. If you do, just remember to rotate your rug every few months to distribute the weight evenly across the surface of the rug.

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