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Black Shaggy Rugs

If a statement piece is what you’re looking for, then a black shaggy rug is a sure-fire win. The bold, dramatic look of a black rug acts as a stunning focal point in a room and is great for creating modern and contemporary looks. In particular, the thicker material of a shaggy rugs bring in that much needed texture to a room.

Black is a great colour if you’re wanting to bring in a slightly dramatic and bold look. Its pigmented colour looks great on any type of floor and lets you work with accent colours seamlessly thanks to its unparalleled versatility. However, try to avoid using a black rug in already dark rooms and this will only hinder your chances of opening up the space. Try instead using a black rug that incorporates patterns with white for example to still give you a gorgeous monochromatic finish.

When used on a shaggy rug, the black feels more intensified thanks to the thicker material. Shaggy rugs are great for bringing in practical warmth since they can retain heat for longer than a thinner rug. This is great in those winter months in particular when those utility bills are at the front of your mind. Not only that, but they feel great underfoot. Their plush texture makes for a cosy atmosphere and would therefore be best used in lounges or bedrooms.

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