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Beige Shaggy Rugs

The ultimate neutral colour, beige is beautifully simplistic, bringing light and those stunning natural colours to your home. Unsurprisingly, beige has the ability to open up spaces beautifully, bringing with it light to your floors in otherwise darker rooms. This paired with the fluffy texture of a shaggy rugs gives you a wonderfully versatile and comfortable rug.

A true classic, beige is most homeowners' favourite since it offers you a chance to work further with that neutral palette. As a colour, beige is possibly the most versatile and adaptable, and is able to work with any number of different colours, tones and designs. Don’t be fooled, beige isn’t boring. With a number of looks taking off in the interiors world recently such as Scandinavian and Hygge looks, beige rugs are perfect. Available in a number of different shades ranging from a lighter cream to a slightly taupe shade, beige is an all round winner.

Shaggy rugs are great for homes wanting to bring in a homely, cosy and soft atmosphere to a room. Their longer pile length gives them a thicker, fluffier feel to the touch. This is great for rooms like bedrooms and lounges where you need that added bit of plushness. Since they’re thicker, they’re also great at trapping heat keeping your floors warmer for longer. Try to avoid using your shaggy rug under heavy furnitures as this will wear down that gorgeous texture. To avoid this, make sure to rotate your rug every few months to help evenly distribute the weight and minimise those indentations from occurring.

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