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Small Round Rugs

If your space isn't particularly large then you may worry that a rug will overpower the area and look a bit 'too much' - don't worry! We have a fantastic range of smaller round rugs that are perfect for rooms of a slightly more quaint nature.

Just because this collection consists of rugs that are smaller in size, they're certainly not lacking in quality - rest assured, you're not missing out!

It can be quite tough knowing when to use a smaller round rug, but it goes without saying that they are better suited to smaller rooms. They work especially well in small dining areas, where you may have a smaller round table to sit on top of them.

Another great way to use a small round rug is to create a space, for example if you have a corner of a room that isn't being used, why not place a small rug with an armchair and lamp on top - voila! You have a reading corner!

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