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Red Round Rugs

Round rugs make a great addition to your home, whether they're placed in your bedroom, living room or even the dining room. Red round rugs (try and say that quickly!) give that extra oomph to a space, especially seeing as though red is known as the colour of passion!

Our range of beautiful round red rugs come in an array of size, thickness and design. They are a fabulous addition to any room and each rug is a different shade of red - that way you can choose the rug that is tailored to your decor.

Our range of round red rugs come in the boldest of reds, from cool pastel shades to off pink, you can guarantee that we'll have the tone that you're looking for!

Not only are our round red rugs beautiful but they're practical too. It's a well known fact that the colour red is one of the best when it comes to disguising any dirt or dust - not that we're making any assumptions but it always helps when something doesn't highlight the features of a busy lifestyle!

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