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Round Plain Rugs

Although ‘plain' sounds equivalent to ‘boring’, plain rugs in fact are a statement piece that tie in a sophisticated, professional look with minimalism and class. Unlike a traditional rug, they are not the centre of attention that draws away from other pieces in the room. A round shape can contradict this in that in jumps out in comparison to the more common square or rectangular rugs, but this depends on its use.

For example, using a round rug under a round dining or coffee table helps accentuate the table itself, or even a sofa that it is placed under. The furniture is given attention by the rug, rather than just claiming attention itself - they compliment each other.

The soft and curved edges also make a room look more cosy and homely if it otherwise too sharp and clean cut, especially in bedrooms and lounges. They can also make large rooms feel more enclosed and friendly. In children playrooms, the round rug can be used as a play area, showcasing the versatility of the piece.

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