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Light Plain Rugs

Light rugs help create a lighter, more spacious atmosphere with a more airy and relaxing feel. Plain light rugs do this even more, since there is no distraction with patterns and different colours.

Light rugs are often ignored as they may become easily stained or dirty, however this can be avoided by using them in rooms that have less footfall, such as a lounge or bedroom. Keeping children and pets away from them will also increase the lifespan and retain quality.

Light rugs can be used as a blank canvas from which you can start to build and add colour throughout a room. They are also best when matched with warmer colours in furniture such as sofas or chairs. If you want the rug to be the centre of attention on the other hand, try a more shaggy rug for that added bit of texture and definition to the room. For best results, use a light rug on a warm floor such as a mid-oak wood or even a contrasting smoked wood floor. This will help the room look more professional or cosy, depending on the other decor.

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