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Small Plain Rugs

When it comes to rugs, working with a smaller room is painless compared to finding other furniture. As a larger rug would simply dwarf the floor space making it feel even tighter, so small rugs are a blessing since they can create the illusion of more blank space.

Generally, a smaller rug will help to accentuate other elements in your room like a statement table or sofas for example. This will draw attention to this part of the room and again distract people from its true size. Small rugs however aren’t tiny as you might first assume - they are just a little smaller than a regular sized rug.

In particular, a small plain rug will look more sophisticated and help smaller rooms look less cluttered compared to patterned varieties, depending on how cluttered the room already is. If you want cosy, minimalistic and modern, a plain rug is the way to go.

Small rugs are perfect for are bathrooms or children's bedrooms. Using a rug in your bathroom will help to bring warmth to your floor as well as helping to reduce slips and falls if you have tiled floors. Similarly, smaller bedrooms or kids bedrooms would benefit from a smaller rug as it will look far more proportionate than a larger rug. In children bedrooms, why not try our pink, purple or yellow varieties? These are light and playful and can create a play area. Alternatively, blue, teal and turquoise suit any bathroom by adding the aquatic look.

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