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Large Plain Rugs

Working with a larger space can sometimes be difficult as filing those blank spaces prove to be a little difficult at times. Luckily, your floor doesn’t have to be one of them. Large rugs can help tie a room together, whilst also making it look and feel cosier.

Large rugs are best used in open plan rooms with unfilled space, or even in smaller rooms to get an all over effect. In small rooms, this is known as an ‘area’ rug as it leaves a beautiful border of floor underneath, making the room look clean cut and unique. It may also hide any floors that you do not like the look of, and insulate the floor to reduce energy bills!

The above is true with plain rugs especially - if the rug covers most of the floor, a plain look would be preferable to reduce the appearance of clutter, and even if larger rooms, allows for minimalism and sophistication. Plain rugs, depending on colour can add neutrality or boldness to the area which can be matched with appropriate furniture for the atmosphere you want.

When choosing a large rug, make sure you have properly measured up your room. Taking measurements before you start looking for rugs will also help in cutting down the browsing time and make it easier to find the your perfect one.

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