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Purple Plain Rugs

If luxury, royalty and boldness is the appearance you are hoping to achieve, purple is the colour for you. Like other colours, the shade makes all the difference in its perception, and so we offer many varieties of plain purple rugs.

The lightest purples create a light, airy atmosphere, as with the Deauville variety. A medium coloured purple, such as the Cushion Purple Hand Tufted Shaggy Rug can be seen as feminine, whereas darker ones are perfect for making a statement or perpetuating an image of maturity and cosiness.

The material also makes a huge difference. Shaggy rugs like the Zumba are much more likely to make a statement than the Beckton Purple Hand Woven & Carved Modern Wool Rug for example, so consider what you want to say with the rug before deciding on one.

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