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Plain Rugs

Though lacking in pattern, quality plain rugs are anything but boring. In fact, the range of plain rugs at Rug Mountain offer choices in colour, texture, size and fabric that is unparalleled anywhere in the UK.

While quality plain rugs offer consistency in colour, the opportunity for interest is produced through variations in weave, sculpture or carving to create one of the most captivating floor coverings you can have in your home.

Adding the Perfect Finishing Touch:

For rooms that are filled with furniture, or have very busy decoration, a plain rug offers a touch of serenity to the décor, bringing individual pieces together and creating harmony in your space.

For cheap plain rugs that are going to have a brighter, more reflective finish, choose rugs made of viscose or polyester that will suit both your style and your budget.

When choosing a plain rug consider the tones of colours that already exist in the room and select a rug that will either compliment or accentuate the effect you are looking for, however remember, cleanliness is key to all rug maintenance. And with a plain, consistent colour keeping it mark free is even more important.

For high traffic areas opt for darker colours and a lower pile, which will be easier to keep clean.

Alternatively, added level of opulence, choose a high weave plain rug that will accentuate the depth of the rug and heighten the comfort it can bring.

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