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Working With Lighter Colours

Working With Lighter Colours

When buying a rug, it can be hard to choose from the many different colours available. It can be tempting just to choose your favourite colour - and of course the colour you choose needs to be appealing to you - but at the same time it must suit your decor and the atmosphere you are trying to create in order to fit in. That’s why we are here to help you understand each colour and its features. Once you have decided on your favourite, please look through our selection of different styled but beautifully coloured rugs.


Benefits – These colours act a blank canvas from which you can build other colours and designs around. They will modernise your home, are trendy and chic, and their neutral tone helps build a homely atmosphere while adding style to an otherwise lacking room.

Atmosphere Created – The lightness of these colours creates a light and spacious atmosphere, making the room look bigger and brighter.

Other Décor – Can be paired with monochromatic themes for a statement modern look. They look crisp and fresh paired with a warm floor like mid-oak wood or a contrasting smoked wood floor. Warmer colours in furniture help the light shade seem less cold.

Room – They are best used in lounges or bedrooms with lower footfall so dirt doesn’t impact them. Hallways and busy areas are to be avoided. They also look best in places with lots of natural light.


Benefits – These rich colours are warm, natural and neutral, and can bring a great amount of style to a room. The darker the shade, the more warm it is.

Atmosphere Created – The natural, earthy look can easily be created with these colours. The warmth helps provide a homely, cosy and luxurious atmosphere.

Other Décor – Brown and beige work well with other natural colours like cream, but their neutrality helps you work with any accent colours too. This makes them suitable for existing or new decor. They should however be avoided in rooms with lots of white as they can negatively stand out.

Room – They work well in busy areas as they show dirt far less than pale rugs. Classically, these colours are used in living rooms, but it should be considered that they can darken a room.


Benefits – Blue and teal are happy and energetic colours that can bring rooms to life that are otherwise lacking in colour. Unlike pale rugs, the colour and richness helps hide imperfections gained over time.

Atmosphere Created – Darker blue rugs bring in a warm, luxurious feel and can warm a room, whereas lighter blues are reminiscent of the sky and sea, bringing that naturally calm relaxing atmosphere into your home.

Other Décor – Blue often has undertones of green and grey, meaning it can work well with lots of other colours in your home. They particularly work well with light colours like white, light grey, and wooden/sandy colours in flooring and furniture. Teal in particular looks great with copper and other metallic accessories.

Room – Blue rugs work well in lounges due to the relaxing atmosphere created, or bathrooms and lavatories due to the association with the beach, sky and sea. Lighter blues work well in children’s playrooms or bedrooms due to the playfulness and vibrancy of the colour that stimulates play and imagination.


Benefits – A calm, peaceful, happy colour, green is known for bringing excitement and liveliness to a room.

Atmosphere Created – The grass look caused by the rug’s material gives a room a nature inspired atmosphere. This helps give your room a fresh and airy feel.

Other Décor - Green can work well when paired with mustard yellow, or alternatively light wood colours or whites for a bright and standout look.

Room – Best for open, naturally well lit, and minimalist spaces, green can perfectly bring a sense of nature into a lounge, dining room or social space.


Benefits – Yellow is vivid, meaning it can brighten any room. It also helps darker rooms appear brighter by brining in warmer tones.

Atmosphere Created – Yellow creates a youthful feel and a calmer atmosphere. Warmth, happiness and playfulness are strongly associated with this colour.

Other Décor – Light colours go best with yellow; white floors or furniture offsetting the yellow rug draws warmth to your home. It may also contrast with black for a outstanding or novelty look.

Room – It fits in well with children’s bedrooms due to its youthful and playful feel that encourages activity and imagination. It is also not associated with any gender, making it more appropriate for shared children’s rooms. The lighter shade can look good in conservatories or rooms that receive plenty of natural light.

Hopefully this guide has helped clear up any questions you have about colour and how it works within a room. If you are still struggling to decide between all these colours, there are always our multicoloured rugs too!

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