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Working With Darker Colours

Working With Darker Colours

Carrying on from our last blog post, we're looking at how you can work with darker colours. A lot of people shy away from darker colours and instead opt for those safer neutral and lighter colours. However, darker colours can offer you a sophisticated and richness where lighter colours are lacking. So, don't be intimidated by dark colours and lets look at the reasons why you should consider using a dark rug in your home!



Benefits – These colours aid a modern and chic look. The many tones can create a lighter or darker appearance in a room depending on which shade is chosen and how it is combined with other colours. They don’t have to be the centre of attention, but can also make a statement, depending on how they are placed.

Atmosphere Created – An elegant, sophisticated and modern aesthetic is created by these shades. Lighter shades can lighten a room, whereas darker shades can make a statement. There is potential for a monochrome theme with black and grey too.

Other Décor – Dark rugs contrast well against lighter flooring to create a striking look. Dark wooden floors are also enhanced by dark rugs, showing how versatile these neutral shades are.

Room – A lighter shaded rug can help lighten a darker room without giving it extra colour. Busy rooms are best for darker rugs due to their ability to hide dirt. Using dark rugs in already dark rooms however will not pay off, and will instead make a room look dramatically smaller.



Benefits – Red is dramatic, warm, rich and bold. This makes it easy to make a statement or grab attention, as well as adding a touch of class to your room. It also helps large rooms feel cosier, more mature and sophisticated.

Atmosphere Created – A regal and classy atmosphere can be created, as well as a vibrant and passionate romantic one, depending on the lighting and size of the room.

Other Décor – Red works wonderfully with black, white or grey, as these are neutral and monochrome and do not diminish the power of the red.

Room – Larger rooms compliment red better by adding cosiness, and dark rooms are lightened by its richness. Red goes excellently in kitchens in a trendy red and black combination.



Benefits – Orange is a strikingly warm colour that brightens a room instantly. The darker terracotta is more natural due to its brown undertones that can help bring a natural yet exotic feel to your home.

Atmosphere Created – The atmosphere created is cosy and fun, or rustic and homely, depending on what it is paired with. A Mediterranean and natural feel is more likely attained with darker orange like terracotta.

Other Décor – Whites and greys pair well with orange for a modern look that tones the orange down. Other orange accessories help the rug not be the centre of attention. If a terracotta rug, dark wood floors and plants can help create a suiting décor.

Room – Casual, cool, and fun rooms better suit orange due to the vibrancy and fun nature of the colour. Although, a living or dining room can equally suit orange due to homely feel of it.



Benefits – Strong, rich and bold, purple helps make a statement in a room. It adds luxury, depth and modernity to a room.

Atmosphere Created – A cosy, mature and stylishly modern feel is created in a room with purple. It also brings out the homeowners personality and gives the room character. Lighter purples on the other hand create a light and airy feel that lightens a room.

Other Décor – Other bold colours can be used to accompany purple, as well as whites or lighter/darker shades of the same colour.

Room – Darker and richer purples work better in bedrooms thanks to their personal and luxurious feel, whereas light colours are suitable for children’s rooms since they are so light, playful and comforting.



Benefits – Pink is an excellent way to break away from tradition. It is a way of bringing attention and warmth to an otherwise boring room. However, subtle pink mixed in a grey rug for example can add a bit of colour to a dull room.

Atmosphere Created – Lighter pinks helps provide a light feel when accented with other colours. Darker pinks can be dramatic and whimsical, and perfectly reflect wild, youthful or lively personalities.

Other Décor – Pink works best with purples, blues and greys. This means it is versatile to a lot of rooms that may contain these elements.

Room – Bedrooms are where bold pink would work best, due to its ability to showcase one’s personality. Bold or light pinks work well in children’s rooms due to their lively and youthful tone.

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