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Winter Is Coming; Time To Get Cosy

Winter Is Coming; Time To Get Cosy

With Summer well and truly over (did we even have one?!) it’s time to look forward to the latter months of the year, although not so much to the cold weather that comes with them. Of course, not everyone hates the cold and most people relish the opportunity to transform their home into a cosy cottage getaway kind of vibe. This post aims to provide you with some simple yet effective ways to make your house feel that bit warmer this winter.

Although there are plenty of obvious ways that you can do this, flicking the heating on etc, they’re not always budget or environmentally friendly. One of the easiest ways to do this is to think about using warmer colours and tones, but how? If not with your decor then why not consider buying a rug.

If you really want to go the extra mile then you could kill two birds with one stone and buy a rug in what’s known as a ‘warm colour’. Now we’re not trying to teach Grandma to suck eggs, but warm colours are typically known as being ones that make you feel warm - surprise! Think yellow, orange, fiery reds and even natural, earthy brown tones. These colours are renown for making a room feel more relaxing as well as making them appear more snug. The great thing about warm coloured rugs is that they can work especially well in rooms that are dominated by cooler, neutral colours. For example you would be able to add a warmer undertone using a deep brown rug that would work amazingly well in contrast with lets say cooler, light green decor.

Lets explore coloured rugs a little further:                


Does it get any brighter than yellow? Commonly known as the colour of the sun, by adding this colour your room will automatically seem warmer and much more vibrant. It is also a very happy colour so not only will a yellow rug make your room seem warmer, it will also make you smile too!


The colour of love, red is often associated with fire and passion and is guaranteed to bring a little warmth, even in the coldest months. So, if you’re looking to inject a little fire into your living room without having to turn up the heating too much, then what better way of doing so than with a stunning red rug.


Whoever thought that combining the happiness of yellow and the fieriness of red to get orange was a genius in our books. Not only does this colour bring instant warmth, it also oozes energy too! In fact, nothing screams winter without the need to add some Vitamin D to your life, or your interiors. Get toasty with our beautiful array of orange rugs.


If you aren’t so keen on making as bold a statement as with other colours then why not opt for something a little more neutral. A brown rug can be a fantastic investment. Not only does winter mean cold weather, it also means more miserable weather and with miserable weather often comes mess! A brown rug is ideal for helping combat the extra dirt and sludge that winter brings with it. Practical and pretty, a brown rug really does tick all the boxes.

That’s just a tiny bit of info on how rugs can help you to cosy up your home ahead of winter, if you’re wanting more interior tips then why not check out our post on how to layer your decor for Autumn!

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