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Why Choose A Round Rug

Why Choose A Round Rug

When looking for a rug your first choice might not be to opt for a circular shape. Traditionally, most buyers opt for a classic square of rectangular rug to best fit with the shape of their room and fill a large surface area. However, there are other alternatives if you’re looking for something that catches the eye. A round rug if the perfect complimenting feature in certain homes and themes offering a look that other rugs cannot.

Circular Furniture

If you have a circular table in a dining room or a circular coffee table for example, then a circle rug would be the perfect accompanying piece to make their unique shape pop. The harmonious shapes make for a strong design aesthetic and can greatly improve the atmosphere of your room. A round rug is also a great way to spotlight certain furniture. For example, if you have a distinctive coffee table as previously mentioned, a circular rug will automatically draw the eye and make that furniture piece the centre of the room. For an even more dramatic affect, try a circle rug in a bright colour to further highlight your desired furniture piece. Similarly, if the architecture of you home draws on circles, such as round windows or other structural design pieces, than a round rug will offset this to create a gorgeous and fluid look throughout.


Circular rugs are great for bedrooms, especially when placed under the bed itself. Using a circular rug creates an interest around this area of the room, in particular by only having a portion of the rug visible from underneath the bed. This is a great way of using a rug without it drowning a room. A popular choice of round rug in the bedroom is usually a shaggy one, as this gives just enough of that soft feeling underfoot when you first step out of bed in the morning.

Minimises Wear

A circular rug will show less wear over the years than a square or rectangular rug. This is applicable in particular if only part of your rug is on show at any one time, as previously mentioned with a bed or even sofas. Rotating your rug a few times a year will help to maintain a symmetrical wear across the materials surface, increasing the life of the rug.


As you have probably gathered, round rugs are a great staple piece in a home. Their individual and unusual shape make them beautifully stand out in a home. They are great at opening up smaller spaces too. Their circular shape creates the illusion of more floor space and can soften harsh edges in a room by giving a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

In conclusion choosing a circular rug, while unorthodox in shape, opens up a whole design theme to your home. Their endless possibilities make the circular rug perfect for creating a contemporary, traditional or even a shabby chic look in a way no other rug can. Its versatility is unparalleled and would be the perfect new addition to your property.

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