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Which Rugs Are Easiest To Wash?

Which Rugs Are Easiest To Wash?

If you have pets or children in your home, you will know how frustrating it is to see pet hairs, stains and spillages all over your precious, expensive furnishings. If you haven’t planned your interior design as well as you have planned your family, chances are you haven’t prepared for the inevitable damage. Rug Mountain are here to help - whether you are using a rug for warmth, comfort or to hide any flooring damage, the options below are your best bet for a long lasting look that is both easy to wash and resistant to wear and tear.

Synthetic Rugs

Many synthetic rugs are treated with chemicals that help repel staining and moisture. In addition, the production process helps create many attractive patterns that are suitable for any home or any taste, and some that can even hide dirt with their intricacies or colours. On the other hand, many people worry about the effect of synthetic materials on the environment, and chemicals on the health of those in their home. Synthetic rugs can be cheaper for this reason however, so are something to consider if you are on a budget and the previous doesn’t concern you. An example of a synthetic material is polypropylene - you can find out more about this and others in our synthetic rug materials blog.

Cotton Rugs

For those who are worried about the planet, cotton may be a better option. Cotton rugs are washable in machines without conceding damage, which is useful for food and drink spillages. Flatweave rugs are also often made of cotton, and these types can withstand heavy traffic. Cotton can be used as a bathmat too as water does not cause long term damage to it, making these rugs versatile and useful in even the messiest of rooms.

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs can be cleaned in a variety of ways, unlike some animal hyde rugs that are very specific with cleaning methods. Steam cleaning, using a washing machine, dry cleaning, and using sprays and home made solutions are just examples of the methods in which wool can be washed. So no matter the spillage or what facilities you have in your home, wool rugs shouldn’t be a problem to keep looking good as new. They are also extremely durable and withstand wear and tear well, returning to their original shape after being contorted and folded as much as you can imagine. In fact, it is not uncommon for wool rugs to be passed down through generations and last 100 years or more! Wool is also great for the planet, being that it is natural and sustainably sourced, so you reap all the benefits totally guilt free.


As for colour, black or very dark brown are popular for their ability to hide spillages, stains and mud, perfect for if they cannot be cleaned as regularly as you would like. However, white is easiest to bleach without causing visible aftereffects, so this is great is you often find yourself cleaning up tougher stains.

Whichever you decide is best, you can find each with a simple search at Rug Mountain!

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