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Tips to Make the Most of your Rug

Tips to Make the Most of your Rug

If you intend to purchase a rug for your house, there are lots of things you need to consider. This includes the specifications of the rug of course, but also things in your house that will help to match the rug with your interior looks. Matching correctly means to tie everything together and ensure you don’t get an overwhelming or mismatched look. For this reason, this posts gives you some interior tips to make the most of your rug!


Whether we are talking about the colours of your rug or the ones already in your home, both are crucial. They play an important role in the style and the atmosphere a room has. Because of this, there are colours you need to avoid. For instance, in a small room, you should avoid dark colours since they could make the room even smaller. On the other hand, light coloured walls and floors create the illusion of opening up the space and make a room look larger. Why not go for a rug with neutral colours? Not only do they tie all the décor together, but they are also timeless which means that if you decide to change the décor in the room, the rug will be able to remain.

Make Your Rug The Focal Point

Creating a focal point in a room has lots of advantages. Creating a point of interest can help your house to stand out and catch people’s eye. It also helps when you are not happy with the dimensions of the room, as a focal point detracts the attention of anyone from it. A rug is one of the cheapest and easiest ways of creating a focal point, and since you want to make your rug pop out, you can go wild in choosing its looks! Don’t be scared of bold colours or original textures. A rug as a focal point is also very useful if you need to define areas for big rooms, so as you can see, using a rug as a focal point has only advantages!


The danger of decorating a home is that you can get a bit carried away and before you realise it, you end up with a room that looks busy and chaotic. You need to always have in mind that you need to keep a balance. Fear not - this can be very easily rectified with the help of a rug! If for example you are using bold colours in the room, a neutral rug can help to balance this. And always remember that less is more, so you should go little by little in the decoration of the house to not get too overwhelmed by the items you are adding.

So there you have three easy principles to follow that can make all the difference when you add a rug to your interior!

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