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The Good, The Bad and The Rugly: Week 6 - Round Rugs

The Good, The Bad and The Rugly: Week 6 - Round Rugs

Round rugs are a versatile option that can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and even conservatories. Although they are unique and add so much to a room, it can be hard to know where and why to use them. This week’s blog will focus on the practical and style benefits, as well as give advice on what to avoid!

The Good

Round rugs can add greater dimension to a room by smoothing out and softening sharp corners and edges to create a more homely and welcoming environment. This is great for rooms in which you are meant to relax such as bedrooms and living rooms. In addition, they are great for hiding stains and blemishes on flooring or creating a comfortable play area for children. Perhaps the main feature of round rugs however is their ability to alter room size. In a large room, round rugs can make a space appear more enclosed by better bringing aspects of the decor together. Fluidity is similarly instilled if a round rug is incorporated underneath a round table for example, but one must be careful with round rug placement as mistakes can easily be made.

The Bad

Room size is the greatest thing to consider to avoid mistakes. A round rug that is too large can dwarf a room and make it appear crowded, and a small round rug can look silly and out of place. Placement is also of great important. As aforementioned, underneath a coffee table is an excellent idea for complementing your existing decor, as well as placing one in the centre of a circle or semi-circle of furniture to create a social area. In front of fireplaces can work too, but it is recommended to avoid using them in open, empty spaces so they don’t negatively stand out.

The Rugly

Stylistically, round rugs are a unique piece that can really showcase your personality or tie a room together with accent colours. They can be used as a focal point that helps make a statement, whether the rug is plain coloured or patterned, and can accent furniture help your guests feel more at home - particularly on wood, laminate or tiled flooring. Try shaggy rugs to highlight this effect even more and add texture and depth to any room.

Overall, whether you wish to protect your floor, add style, or increase homeliness, you can do it all with a unique round rug! We stock many of our rugs in the round variety, so feel free to browse them all here, in traditional, modern and shaggy styles.

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