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The Good, The Bad and The Rugly: Week 5 - Washed and Faded Rugs

The Good, The Bad and The Rugly: Week 5 - Washed and Faded Rugs

Washed and faded rugs are a unique way to stylise your home, but it’s not always easy! They are as difficult to work with as they are beautiful, which is why we are back with The Good, The Bad and The Rugly to help you discover how best to make the look work for you.

The Good

Washed and faded rugs can be used in high footfall homes, messy homes, or those with pets for years to come without having to worry about wear and tear. As they already look gracefully aged, these rugs can also last a lot longer than usual in any home without changing in appearance, helping you save money in the long run and retain the style you originally purchased. These rugs can also give peace of mind to those who have less time to clean and undertake thorough rug care, yet host lots of impressionable guests. Washed and faded rugs are also highly stylish, with a unique and eye-catching aesthetic when used in the right way.

The Bad

Washed and faded rugs don’t suit everyones taste, and if the aesthetic of the entire room doesn’t match the rug, it can just look like a genuinely old and worn out rug that hasn’t been looked after well. This of course isn’t the case, so you need to match the decor perfectly to ensure it is obvious the look is intentional. For this, it is best to avoid the rest of the room looking sleek, sophisticated and modern; decor should instead be vintage or relaxed. This will help guests recognise the intention of the rug. It is also important that you match the rug with furniture and ornaments that are new to your home, as couches you have had for decades for example may make people assume the rug is old, dirty or poorly cared for.

The Rugly

With the right decor, a washed and faded rug can be a stylish piece that captures the attention of all in the room. Vintage and rustic looks are in, and these rugs help encapsulate this perfectly. The character and warmth the rugs provide should be accompanied by furniture that does not look old in quality, but vintage in style - it is highly important that you know the difference when shopping around. Vintage looks can be in the form of wallpaper, ornaments, or items such as clocks. Even colour and layout makes a difference - there is plenty more information on vintage style around the internet. If instead you prefer the popular Scandinavian look, faded and washed rugs can be used alongside modern furniture in this situation, but be aware that non-scandinavian looks can make the rug just look outdated instead.

Overall, it is difficult to incorporate a faded and washed rug into a home, but once you get the other decor right, they can create that stunning antique look with all the texture and life of a brand new rug. Whether you fancy one of our traditional washed and faded rugs, or a more modern pattern, you can find it all at Rug Mountain!

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