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The Good, The Bad, and The Rugly: Week 1 - Florals

The Good, The Bad, and The Rugly: Week 1 - Florals

Welcome to the first instalment of our new blog series: The Good, The Bad, and The Rugly! This series aims to showcase the dos and don’ts of interior design with the use of rugs, with a different focus each week. We also feature a product which we think is surprisingly attractive given the usual faux par design – or ‘rugly’ as we like to call it. So read on for some great tips on designing your interior with this week’s theme - florals!

The Good

Floral rugs are great for injecting pattern and colour into your home. Patterns are sometimes garish and unattractive in the home, but with floral rugs, pattern can be introduced in a familiar way that is agreeable with just about everyone. For those that dislike flowers, more abstract designs can be used too if you have occupants with varied taste in your home for example. They also allow you to mix colours that may be too brash on their own such as pink or yellow, which actually works much better within a more condensed and fitting floral pattern. You would expect these colours in flowers so they are much more palatable in this format, as well as being able to accent other tones in the room, such as if you have matching coloured cushions. Overall, floral designs add a sometimes feminine but always natural atmosphere to a room.

The Bad

On the other hand, floral patterns need to be pulled off just right. If a pattern is too busy, this can affect the dimensions of a room. In particular, smaller rooms will look smaller, and already busy rooms will appear way too cramped. In large rooms, floral is therefore much better, or alternatively use as small a rug as possible, or more abstract instead of literal designs.

The Rugly

Since there have been many different floral patterns throughout the decades, many can be seen as outdated, reducing the value of a home when incorporated in wallpaper for example, and making guests cringe at the thought alone. However, all of this has recently changed for one floral style in particular – vintage. 1940’s designs are hugely popular at the moment, and rugs are the ideal way to incorporate a less intense or permanent version of this style if you aren’t sure about going full vintage just yet! It is typical of vintage floral to be true to life, which means abstract is out – a perfect example of what to go for is this rug, as well as this one. To be truly stylish, try using other elements of style typical of the era, including in furniture and ornaments.

To see all of our floral offerings, visit our floral rug section.

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