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The Beauty of Bordered Rugs

The Beauty of Bordered Rugs

Borders on rugs have many style related and practical benefits. In fact, some ancient bordered Moroccan rugs were even viewed to magically protect those sitting on it! Whilst our rugs may not protect you with their borders, they can offer a variety of benefits. We have compiled the main ones below so you can understand why a bordered rug is a great choice for you!


Firstly, a bordered rug is commonly seen as a fashionable and elegant piece. It allows you to use multiple colours in a rug without using patterns and designs that may overcrowd a room or make it seem tacky. It is also useful for those too indecisive for just one colour or needing to accent other colours in the room. Through accenting other colours, you can create themes that penetrate every aspect of the room, making the rug fit in much more as a result. A rug that matches the colour scheme will also make a room appear more professional and uniform, showing guests you know what you are doing when it comes to interior design. Alternatively, a rug that is differently coloured can be equally attractive, provided all the room's colours compliment one another. Some patterned rugs have a plain border, allowing for a much smoother and more modern looking transition with the surrounding floor. When using different materials on the field and border of the rug, it will also be much more intriguing and fashionable.


A rug in the right spot can cordon off an area, helping the rest of your furniture look more fitting, and creating a cosy space specifically for socialising for example. It is also easy to decorate around the rug due to the border, without making objects appear unattractively or randomly placed. Coffee tables and other furniture may be placed in the middle, helping them pop out and make a statement - this is beneficial if you have an antique that you want to draw attention to, or simply just showcase your favourite piece of furniture. Without a border, things placed in the middle of a rug can look out of place or ruin the rug by hiding it, but with a border the rug and its surroundings are complimented. This also helps design your room layout more conveniently. In some situations, a bordered rug will also use different materials. For example, a natural material rug may have a synthetic border, which allows a greater range of colour options and neater edges. This enhances not only style, but safety in the room as people (particularly vulnerable ones) are less likely to trip over the more visible edges.

Types of Border

One border rugs simply have a border around the perimeter, covering the edges. This is the most modern and statement making choice. Two border rugs have a smaller border within the perimeter one, and three border rugs have three descending in size from the perimeter inwards. Multiple borders allow more accent colours to be used, allowing you to create a more complex look in rooms with multifaceted colour schemes. Some rugs also have a thin line border, which is further inside the edges than a perimeter border, creating a subtle artistic effect. These are ideal for minimalists, and the border size means it doesn’t have to match the colour scheme in order to fit in, as long as the field colour is suitable. Traditional rugs in particular, combine many different sized borders with different patterns and colours, demonstrating how versatile borders can be.

There are choices of borders of all types at Rug Mountain, so consider the atmosphere you want to create, and take a look at our modern and traditional ranges to help your room become better connected.

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