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The 3 Most Durable Rug Materials

The 3 Most Durable Rug Materials

Durability is the main concern most of our customers have when it comes to rugs. We have carefully listened to your concerns, and created this guide to help you through the rug buying process. Whether you care about spillages, fading, footfall or anything in between, we have covered all bases relating to durability with these top picks.

1 - Wool

Wool rugs are the most durable of all, thanks to their natural properties. This includes the inability to become misshapen, and resistance to tearing, winkling or sagging. It is also fire retardant and stain resistant, helping it last through even the harshest environments. Historically, wool rugs have lasted 100 years or more and are passed down through generations, showcasing their incredible durability over time. These are definitely the choice for those with messy families or pets.

2- Nylon

If you struggle with the ethics of using wool rugs, or would like a synthetic or alternative for whatever reason, Nylon is a good alternative. It lasts a long time and is highly resilient, demonstrated by its exceptional yarn twist memory, and ability to resist abrasion and staining, and hide spillages and stains well. Nylon rugs tend to have the longest guarantees, although a higher price as a result. We stock some of the lowest priced rugs in the UK however, so be sure to look out for Nylon rugs on our website!

3 - Polypropelene

Generally cheaper than Nylon is Polypropylene. Also a synthetic material, it’s main durability benefit is in its resistance to fading. As it requires solution dyeing to remove colour, any patterns on the rug will remain forever without fading - even in the brightest sunlight or with bleach or other chemicals spilt. The material does not absorb water either, meaning spillages are less likely to cause long lasting damage. Despite its durability against staining and fading, footfall isn’t the strongest point of polypropylene. Consider wool or Nylon for these properties instead.

Final Tips

Whichever you choose, to make your rugs last longer you should use a pad underneath. This is especially true on knotted rugs that can wear out from the bottom. Using darker or patterned tones of course reduces the visibility of stains too, or natural discolouration over time.

Rugs to avoid when searching for durability would include sisal and seagrass, which absorb spillages and deteriorate faster as a result. Shaggy rugs will always experience flattening of pile with footfall, so should be avoided if you are looking for a staple in your home for years or decades to come.

Think carefully about which room you are furnishing and what the rug could potentially be exposed to before making a decision. Of course if you require any help, our friendly team is always available via email or phone!

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